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 Writtle Parish Plan

Writtle Parish Plan (WPP) Implementation Committee

The Committee is comprised as follows, with the members taking responsibility for the Sub-groups as follows:

Chair: G. Ingram
Secretary: Mrs L. Roe
Treasurer : Miss A. Woollard
The Subgroups
Highways, Transport, Cycleways and Footpaths - Mrs. S. Bell with Mrs. S. Fowkes and Mrs. R. Smith.
Environment including Planning and Development - Mrs. L. Roe with Mr. B. Cairns and Mr. G. Ingram.
Businesses - Ms. L. Bowser, with Mr. A. Porter and Mr. B. Cairns
Youth  - Mrs. W. Walker with Mrs. M. Reid
Culture -  Miss A Woollard
Crime and Safety - Mrs W. Walker (who is also on the complementary Neighbourhood Action Panel).
The prioritized actions listed in the WPP Action Plan are being individually investigated by the appropriate sub-groups. When progress (or otherwise) has been made the Action Plan will be updated.

Writtle Wildlife & Conservation - Are you interested?

     In responses to the Writtle Parish Plan questionnaire, many people indicated an interest in conservation areas and wildlife habitats around Writtle. At the moment there is no local Group who record and document for the Community, the plants, animals, birds etc, that we do have in the midst of our Parish, pulling together the varied interests of many Parishoners. Indeed there are several wildlife areas such as Brewhouse Hoppitt, the various ponds and rivers/streams and the small reserve on Writtle Road, that would benefit greatly from some TLC. It is important that such areas be managed to encourage wildlife diversity, and not be allowed to become overgrown and environmentally dead.

     If you are interested in Conservation and Wildlife and would like to be involved in helping to maintain our Parish habitats, look at the management, record the species present etc, we would like to hear from you. A Group needs to be set up and we would be pleased to hear from you.

     Please contact Liz Roe 420564 (roejohnr@btinternet.com) or Gordon Ingram 422986 (gordoningram@supanet.com).

     The Parish Plan team has been working at the 584 Household Questionnaires that you, the Villagers, sent back, for which we thank you. In addition they have worked on the 83 Youth Questionnaires and 42 Business Questionnaires and a small group has also read, analysed and recorded over 4,000 of your individual, Adult and Youth, written comments.  Writtle College also assisted with the Business Plan and general analyses for which we thank them.  Our thanks to everyone who worked on the hundreds of pages of information.

      The responses give a clear picture of the wishes of the Parish as a whole, covering all aspects of your vision for the future of Writtle. These will now form the basis of the Parish Plan and the drafts are on the Writtle Future website. Additionally, action points have been identified, and following a public workshop on the 6th February 2010, your priorities, analysed by the Parish Plan Committee, form the basis of the Parish Action Plan. This will be distributed to relevant Stakeholders such as the Borough Council, Essex County Council and other official bodies and utility/service providers.

      Abridged versions of the Domestic, Youth and Business Plans and the Action Plan will be distributed through the Writtle village publications, and full drafts may also be seen now by clicking on the following link and following the instructions on the Home page:-


      Implementation of the Action Plan will be through Writtle Parish Council. Stakeholders’ action and progress will be monitored by a Group of Writtle people, independent of all Stakeholders.

      We will be contacting those people who indicated in the Questionnaire that they would like to assist in the publication and follow-up of the Writtle Parish Plan.

Parish Plan Chairman - Ralph Bray

Link member - Gordon Ingram

 The Writtle Society

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